Wed. Aug 21st, 2019

Casinos And Their Software Solutions – An Overview


In this guide, we do not introduce a particular vendor as usual, but focus on the different aspects of software. But if you like more targeted reviews from providers, this site will help you safely. No matter what approach a development studio has to its software, certain core issues will always be included. It is then only the question on which aspects you focus more and which things you might rather neglected.


One would think that this point is treated equally by all developers. Because what’s the use of the most beautiful software, if it then has errors or produces crashes in the most unlikely moments? Unfortunately, it is not quite the case and often players complain precisely this point rightly. So many studios like to focus on the quantity of games and get over smaller bugs for a long time. In our opinion, this is a mistake, because any software should be without quibbles, if this is released on the market.


At this point, the spirits divide as they often do. While slots often use very colorful and elaborate graphics, other studios prefer to use simple graphics for their games. The point is that the higher the requirements for a software, the fewer players will be able to play it. The most beautiful and detailed software is of no use if only a few players can see it in full splendor. However, as PCs and mobile devices have become much faster and better in recent years, this point rarely matters.


Many players do not even want to play at the PC anymore, but use their iPad or iPhone for almost everything. However, the software solutions of the providers must be designed accordingly and this causes serious headaches for many companies. So they not only have to write the desktop version of the software, but often have to create a separate mobile version. It’s no wonder that many players are often angry that many apps are just simple ports. But in these works often the functionality is on the track and that annoys the players. So there are already the first providers who focus exclusively on the development and distribution of such apps.

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